Paul Washburn, MD, MPH

Dr. Paul Washburn is the founder and director of the Health Medical Institute (HMI). His passion in life is to assist you and your family members stay out of a hospital setting, reduce current disease symptoms and even reverse disease processes – yes prevent diseases from proceeding and reversing some of the diseases you may have currently. Dr. Washburn makes it his goal with each patient interaction to optimally reduce your already present medication use and prevent medication initiation if possible by simple lifestyle modifications. His overall goal is to simply assist with increasing your quality of life on a daily basis.

Dr. Washburn utilizes traditional internal medicine practices as well as cutting edge preventive and lifestyle medicine practices for a truly unique approach to HEALTH-CARE (not DISEASE-CARE).

"Together, we can make almost anything possible.”

Specializing in:

  • Preventive, Lifestyle and Internal Medicine

  • Metabolic Fitness Reconditioning

  • Polypharmacy Reduction

  • Complex Chronic Disease Evaluation

  • Healthcare Logistical Optimization and Efficiency

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